Passphrase Generator

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Generates passphrases of the correct horse battery staple style. Reccommended over passwords. See comparison below.

Phonetic Password Generator

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An earlier generator, designed to emint a pattern of letters that sound like a word but is not (in fact is total nonsense). The generator now supports two phonetic patterns. With either one, it will probably take a few tries to find a password you like. The passphrase generator above is preferred!


A secret is stronger when it is harder to guess. It's harder to guess when there's more possible options.

The passphrase generator uses 4,096 words. So (at default settings) it can generate 4096*4096*4096*4096*10*4 (four random words, one random digit, one random word capitalized) combinations, or 4096*4096*4096*4096*10*4 or 11,258,999,068,426,240 or 1e16 possible combinations. The phonetic password generator on the other hand will (by default) 19*3*5*6 = 1710 or 1e3 possible combinations. No contest. A purely random lower/upper/number password will give from 2e14 to 3e21 combinations for between 8 to 12 characters — but will be impossible to remember.

The passphrase style is generally easy to remember and very easy to type. The separator and single random number will satisfy most (poor and simple minded) complexity requirements as well.